Meet Doze.
A mattress topper that's fantastically breathable & super supportive.

Rejuvenate your old mattress with the most comfortable topper ever created.

  • What is the Grid?

    A flexible gel layer that adapts & rebounds to your body's movement. Soft enough to relieve pressure points. Firm enough to support your head, neck & hips.

  • What does it feel like?

    FlexiGel™ feels like a gel/silicone/rubberized material that is rigid, yet soft & bendy.

  • Is it Soft or Firm?

    It's both! Our FlexiGel™ Grid relieves pressure points under your shoulders & hips, but remains supportive for the back & legs.

  • Is it Durable?

    You betcha! Think of a rubber band that snaps back into place, time & time again. That's why it comes with a 10-Year Warranty.

  • Will you get Hot?

    Never! Air flows through every square & FlexiGel™ does not retain any heat.

  • Buying a new mattress is the smartest option, right?

    Well, that depends.
    Do you want to buy yet another heat-trapping foam bed-in-a-box?

    We didn't think so either 

Doze Topper vs. Purple Mattress

Doze Topper Purple Mattress
Twin (pricing in CAD) $ 339 $ 2,949
Queen $ 439 $ 3,349
King $ 489 $ 3,999
100 Night Trial
10-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Sleeps Cool
Pressure Relieving Support
Rejuvenates your existing mattress x
Adds to the mattress landfill crisis x
Requires chiropractic adjustment after setup x