Discover the Latest Mattress Topper Trends - A Guide for 2022

Discover the Latest Mattress Topper Trends - A Guide for 2022

When it comes to enhancing the comfort and support of your mattress, the right mattress topper can work wonders. In 2022, the mattress topper trends are evolving with new materials, designs, and features to cater to a variety of sleep preferences. Whether you're looking to add extra softness, cooling properties, or pressure relief, here are the top mattress topper trends of the year that you need to know about.

1. Sustainable Materials

One prevalent trend in the mattress topper industry is the shift towards sustainability. Consumers are increasingly seeking mattress toppers made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo fibres, or natural latex. These sustainable options not only provide comfort but also align with the environmentally conscious values of many shoppers.

2. Cooling Technologies

With temperature regulation being a key factor for a good night's sleep, cooling mattress toppers are gaining popularity. Brands are incorporating innovative cooling technologies such as gel-infused memory foam or breathable fabrics to help dissipate heat and keep you cool throughout the night.

3. Memory Foam Dominance

Memory foam continues to be a top choice for mattress toppers due to its ability to contour to the body and relieve pressure points. Whether you prefer traditional memory foam or the newer gel-infused variations, this material remains a staple in the mattress topper market.

4. The Rise of Silicone Gel Mattress Toppers

Silicone gel mattress toppers are making waves in the industry for their unique properties. These toppers offer a combination of cushioning and support, along with excellent heat dissipation capabilities. With more people prioritising comfort and breathability, silicone gel mattress toppers are a trend to watch.

5. Customisable Options

Personalisation is key for many consumers, and mattress topper brands are responding to this demand. Customisable options, such as dual-layer toppers with varying firmness levels on each side, are becoming more prevalent. This trend allows sleepers to tailor their mattress topper to suit their individual needs.

6. Thicker Designs

Thicker mattress toppers are gaining popularity as they offer enhanced support and comfort. Toppers with greater thickness provide extra cushioning and can help revitalise an ageing mattress, making them a sought-after choice for those looking to upgrade their sleep experience.

7. Hypoallergenic Choices

For individuals with allergies or sensitivities, hypoallergenic mattress toppers are an essential consideration. Brands are offering hypoallergenic options made from materials that resist dust mites, mould, and other allergens, providing a healthier sleeping environment for all.

8. Enhanced Breathability

Good airflow and breathability are crucial for a comfortable sleep environment. Mattress topper designs that prioritise breathability by incorporating open-cell structures or moisture-wicking fabrics are becoming increasingly popular to ensure a cool and dry sleeping surface.

9. Focus on Durability

Investing in a high-quality mattress topper is essential for long-term comfort. Durability is a significant trend this year, with brands focusing on creating toppers that maintain their shape and supportiveness over time. Look for mattress toppers with strong warranties and positive customer feedback for added assurance.

10. The Allure of Luxury

As consumers seek a touch of luxury in their sleep experience, premium mattress toppers are gaining traction. From plush down alternative toppers to high-end memory foam designs, luxury options provide an indulgent feel that transforms a regular mattress into a lavish retreat.

11. Growth of the Purple Mattress Phenomenon

The Purple mattress range has been a standout in the mattress industry, and its influence extends to mattress toppers. With innovative materials like Purple Grid technology and a focus on pressure relief, Purple mattress toppers are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, offering a unique blend of support and comfort.

12. Elevating Sleep in Canada

From sustainable materials to silicone gel innovations, the mattress topper trends of 2022 are reshaping the way we approach sleep. With a growing emphasis on comfort, personalisation, and eco-conscious choices, finding the perfect mattress topper for your needs has never been more exciting. Stay informed on the latest trends to enhance your sleep quality and create a relaxing sanctuary in your bedroom.

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